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  • Divination

    Dove rating 12+
    Supernatural forced collide when madness meets magic in “Divination”. Jason is a young, successful artist married to the lovely Jessica. They’re filled with joy at their first pregnancy and the uncanny return of their mysterious friend Dee. But Jason is tormented by Fear continua...

  • Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure

    When Uncle John forbids Mandie from joining his dangerous quest to keep an old promise, Mandie, her newfound mother, and her friends embark on a harrowing journey by train to protect Mandie’s stubborn uncle. Grand adventure ensues as they scramble to outwit evil conspirators and dare to face the ...

  • Mandie and The Secret Tunnel

  • Mandie and The Forgotten Christmas

  • Pray 1

    Age 12+, Appx 69 minutes
    High School friends Madison & Lacy enjoy an out-of-town Christian rock concert. After some eerie events at their hotel, the friends abandon their night of rest and decide to drive through the night back to their hometown several hours away. However, someone or something ...

  • Pray 2 The Woods

    Age12+, appx 78mins
    Still riding high from her #1 Best-selling Book Tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another Talk Show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, she heads home to enjoy what was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing evening alone...but her night is a...

  • Pray 3 The Storm

    Sequel to Pray 1, Pray 2 The Woods, by Cross Shadow Productions

    Age 12+